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Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 – Raise the Batik and Lurik

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Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 - Raise the Batik and Lurik from Yogyakarta

Jakarta Fashion Week – In the international fashion exhibition Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 which have passed, had held a fashion designer contest. Competition fashion designer in Jakarta fashion week aimed to finding new talent. Jakarta fashion week in previous years, this race has given birth to many famous designers. Among others are Edward Hutabarat, Itang Yunasz, Carmanita, Stephanus Hamy, Taruna Kusmajadi, Moses Widyatmodjo, Denny Wirawan, Sally Koeswanto, and Priyo Oktaviano. Competition in Jakarta fashion week has also produced today young designers, among others, are Eny Ming, Tex Saverio, Andreas Odang, Zacky Gaficky, and Albert Yanuar. In this competition, participants are challenged to integrate indigenous Indonesian culture with western culture. The participants are challenged to interpretation of solid match the local culture, which displays in detail the design of modernity. The end result is a collection of ready-made clothing for the consumer (women) today. The results of their design was eventually also be showcased in the event of Jakarta Fashion week 2012.

The jury of in this Jakarta fashion week was assessed based on creativity and originality of design ideas. The participants of fashion designers competition in this Jakarta  fashion week free to explore themes that have been given. So hopefully there will be works that are innovative. Because people say all have been made, there is nothing new. By exploring themes of freedom, on fashion designers competitotion in this Jakarta fashion week 2012 may produce a new draft which inovative although probably based on designs that have been there before. Selling power, power use, and jug manufacturing techniques affect the assessment by the judges of  fashion contest in this Jakarta fashion week 2012. Fashion design finalists include knowledge about the history of fashion, but that is not less important how to package a nice dress for sale. Ready-made clothing market should be favored, and can be worn for day-to-day. Because of the design results in a race held as part of the this Jakarta fashion week this time should be sold, the selling price of clothing has also been an assessment. the lower the price but still quality then its value will be higher.

Competition fashion designers in this Jakarta fashion week 2012 more widely followed by participants from Indonesia, and most is a student of a fashion design school. Among those who have studied the chest also to Singapore, Shanghai, and Milan. On the night of the judging contest of fashion designers in this Jakarta fashion week 2012, each participant menampilakn 6 piece collection of fashion design who participated contested. There are 10 finalists who appeared in the night the judging contest fashion designer this Jakarta fashion week 2012, they all are the result of the final selection is then asked to show his works in a fashion show. Ten finalists each night featuring six-piece outfit consisting of dress casual, dress coktail, and evening dresses. In addition to batik, the finalists are also trying to cultivate other traditional fabrics such as striated, ikat fabric oyutupas (East Nusa Tenggara), samantha weaving, weaving endek (Bali), until the sheath goyor. While the western elements generally appear in the form of fashion models, such as the use of Petticoat (petticoat), jumpsuit, basque top, or the overall style of clothing that influenced Europe and Asia.

Fashion design contest winner in the Jakarta Fashion Week

Use of this traditional cloth seemed to make the contest finalistsfashion designers in this Jakarta fashion week 2012 free to be creative. Scarcely a batik cloth that appeared intact in one piece dress. Fashion designer competition finalists in this Jakarta fashion week made the game a hit motifs, applying a geometric pattern, making it the accent on the edge of a shirt or as a belt, combine them with other motifs such as lines, boxes, embroidery, tie dye, or with materials such as denim. Creativity also appears in the form of details, like supervisor who was given epaulet (epaulette military), or a bag that can then be transformed into a skirt. Final race of fashion designers show in Jakarta fashion week 2012 eventually produced three winners, plus one favorite winner (the collection of SMS), and a special award-winning Mazda offerings. The first winner was Lulu Lutfi Labibi from Yogyakarta, the second winner Friedrich Herman participants from Malang, the third winner Cynthia Tan from Jakarta, Sherly Monica favorite winner from Jakarta, and special award winners Erliana Sumali from Jakarta.

Jakarta fashion week 2012 batik lurik from yogyakarta

Using several types of fabrics from the region of origin, such as striated fabric, gloves goyor from Klaten, ikat from Jepara, batik motifs and contemporary, the collection of Lulu Lutfi has a total modern look. The design looks so fun, cool, and comfortable to wear. There are stylish strapless jumpsuit, gloves strapped to form a knee-length pants, dresses with skirts that are translucent, with a few red accents here and there. Batik motif meet freely with other motifs such as striated, polka dots, or plaid. Congratulations to the winners fashion design in Jakarta fashion week 2012

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