Continuing the theme of lots and lots of leather in the fall 2019 fashion trends are leather suits. There were both skirt suits and pantsuits made of leather on the runways this season. They came both from brands who have been crafting with the material for decades, and from brands that only work with it occasionally. It’ll be interesting to see how this trend will manifest in real life!

At Akris, a leather skirt suit was fitted and chic, even paired as it was with tall leather boots. Black leather skirt and top combo took on a slightly more exotic vibes, as the buttoned leather top had short sleeves, the skirt hit mid-calf, and both items were decorated with a pine tree motif – oh, and all of this was styled along with white socks worn over sandals! Talk about a fashion departure!
Style Notes: This item's popularity probably has a lot to do with the fact that The Matrix was such a huge hit—everyone wanted to wear Neo's long leather coat. But because that maxi silhouette isn't exactly practical (and is more associated with goth kids), it evolved into this shorter form instead, as seen on Winona Ryder and on Kate Moss. Today, you'll rarely find a cool girl in a leather blazer—it's all about the classic biker.
The corsets in the Dion Lee collection gave structure to some flowier materials, and boy were they structured. The corsets were made up of thick, visible boning, with a square neckline, looking rigid and contrasting against the curvy shape they emphasized in the body. They were often paired with workwear, another contrast that we greatly appreciated.

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When the 90s trend was initially picking up, it felt like a very temporary thing and a fad that will eventually fade. Surprisingly that’s not the case, and the designers are only expanding horizons. One such trend was the backpacks that felt so old school, but now brands like Chanel, Burberry, and many other big brands have signed up to this style. And, you should too.

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We have to mention the Sacai runway, where military inspiration was twisted into something totally new: models wore corsets modeled after army tactical vests in olive green and covered in pockets. It was the most unique combination of feminine and masculine, aesthetic and utilitarian – the kind of marriage of contrasts that makes high fashion so exciting.

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If you lived through the ’90s, the chances are that you wore overalls. These sleeveless denim jumpsuits were an essential fashion item for the decade and worn by both ladies and gents everywhere. No longer just for farmers, the ’90s made overalls a casual and comfortable wardrobe staple. To rock this look in pure ’90s style, try partnering a pair of classic blue overalls with a crop top and sneakers. 

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